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Hard Drive data Recovery Service

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I provide Data Recovery Services for all single hard drives any size any brand. I have 15 years experience performing data recovery for individuals, small companies to fortune 500.

I do not have a clean room anymore, but I do have sophisticaded and very advanced tools. If your hard drive is still alive I am certain it does not require a clean room.

Inaccessible data is due to damages on the surface of the disk platters; these are actually bad sectors. Hard drives become unbootable or freezes during operation, if you are experiencing this situation turn off your ocmputer, forcing the computer will cause further damage.

If you live in the United States I can help you. You will have to ship your hard drive to me; I can only perform data recovery if I have physical access to the drive.

Note. Depending on how damaged the hard drive is, data recovery takes several days in some cases it take weeks to complete. It is normal, you must be patient.

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When ordering my services you will ship your hard drive. I will provide you the address where to ship it and I will communicate constantly to provide you progress day to day.
Delivery in 10 day(s)
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