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Azteca City


We are happy to inform you that we all play fair on this platform.  We know how hard freelancers work to deliver completed work on time. We also know the concern of buyers when they place an order.


When Freelancers are ready to withdraw their earned funds, they will be prompted to provide their PayPal email.

- When there is an order, the employer's funds are deposited into an escrow account and will remain in this account until the Freelancer completes the job.

- When the job is completed and delivered, the employer releases the fund.

- The freelancer/seller accepts the fund from the Incoming Escrow, once accepted it will show up in your account.

- To withdraw your funds, your PayPal email is asked. Please make sure your correct PayPal email is supplied.



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Nothing like having the Office at home, working at your own pace with your own style... For us freedom and free time is a life style and we love it.

Are you a Freelancer, do you enjoy being your own boss or working from home? 

Joing us, we bring you the world right on to your Desktop. Azteca City provides you with the tools and the connections...We enable you to work from anywhere.